Baby Squeaks

Anne Hunter
Author and Illustrator

May 2022, Tundra Books
isbn: 9780735269095

Baby mouse has learned to squeak. And now it’s squeak, squeak, squeak all day long.

Baby chats with new friends and old friends, big friends and little friends, and sometimes just chats with no one at all. Poor Mama needs a break . . . but when Baby wanders off, Mama knows what to do: follow the squeaks!

Little readers will love this chatty baby mouse, and big readers will find Mama’s reactions very familiar . . .

“The gift of gab proves deeply funny in Hunter’s (Where’s Baby?) earnest portrait of early language acquisition. Baby Mouse starts out as a quiet infant, but after the diminutive mammal utters a first word, then a second, language flows suddenly and inexorably forth.”
Publishers Weekly, starred review

One of Publishers Weekly’s 2022 Best Books of the Year!